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CHIC-oholic Kids is a Hong Kong based online children’s wear store. Founded by two mothers, an experienced fashion buyer and a marketing professional. CHIC-oholic Kids’ founders bring global sophistication from the world of fashion for the enjoyment of children (from newborns to nine year olds).

CHIC-oholic Kids presents chic and cool, yet high quality and affordable brands to stylish girls and boys. Brands include Indikidual, Mini Rodini, Pop Cutie, Coq En Pate, Yikes Twins, and Lil Nika.

CHIC-oholic Kids是一間網上童裝專門店。由兩位母親創辦, 資深時裝買手及品牌市場公關。兩位創辦人經常到世界各地搜索,親自引入時尚特別的著名童裝品牌,為初生嬰兒至七歲的男女童帶來高品質而經濟的別緻服飾。品牌包括 Indikidual 、Mini Rodini 、Pop Cutie 、Coq En Pate、Yikes Twins及 Lil Nika。